Kara Faye Gregory : Printmaker based in Minneapolis

My work explores the notion of memories and their ease of manipulation. I am very interested in exploring how the memory of a thing, time or person can be so easily manipulated by the mind. I am working with ways this manipulation can be experienced visually. As a printmaker and book artist I use photo processes in Lithography and Intaglio to create the image and then combine various methods of manipulating the image through ways such as screen-printing, cutouts and chine-cole. I use a limited color palette and focus primarily on geometric forms and line in my prints.

My latest work is an artist book titled, Self Portrait. In this work I used screen-printed text on a variety of grey and black papers, I then obstructed with various images applied on top. These images are typically drawings inspired by geometric formations and use of line. These geometric forms are screen printed over the text with a semi transparent ink to push layering and obstruction of the image.

copyright 2013 | made with (love) in mpls : albnz
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